Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Toys Hanging Around My House Today

As a collector, I believe it is important to focus on what you have, rather than what you are missing. I haven't been able to head to the thrift stores (I'm poor) so I have been loving the stuff I already have! Here are a few random friends hanging out with me this week.

Here's my wee Baby Buddies set! I had all these when I was a kid so I was happy to reacquire one set on eBay. Looking forward to more!

This is my Mod Bradley beauty. Not sure what attracts me to these dolls, but I love them. Mostly you see Victorian Era Bradley's. This cute Mod style is rare. Lucky me! She cost a $1.50 last month at a thrift store.

My Mod in her cute fur coat!

My Little Pony baby Shaggy! I just located her in my overflowing toy bins. She has her bottle, I am still looking for her comb. She is hanging out in my fabric basket!

Nastina is tempting Iris to buy more toys even though she's broke!

 Luckily, Sunny Sunflower has vanquished this foe!

I just restyled cute Baby Firefly's wayward hair. Now she's my sewing buddy!

Remember my knee-hugger clowns from the 60's? They are sitting on my toy shelf for the time being, scaring my kids and husband out of the room.

Like all crazy doll people, I have named them. The one above is "Jilly Bean."

My husband thinks they are weird. He doesn't see them for the pixies they are!

That's my photo tour for this week! I am having surgery Friday so I may not post next week, or I may post a lot. Who knows? I know I wont be thrifting any time soon!

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