Sunday, October 17, 2010

Puzzles at thrift stores

Yesterday my sister was teasing me about buying puzzles at thrift stores. She said, "Why buy them if they aren't sealed?" She's right, but it's a fifty-cent gamble and I like puzzles. Luckily both puzzles were complete!

The first was a She-ra puzzle (yay!)

The second is this Whitman Fantasy puzzle. I have had the Disney and Loony Tunes ones too and they are a lot of fun to put together. The back of the puzzle has a silhouette key as to the name of every character. Even though I am not a huge Marvel fan, I do love the Whitman Fantasy puzzles. The pictures below are from last year when we completed the other two puzzles (that's my daughter in the picture). Those two puzzles were passed on to other owners but I would like to find them again!

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