Monday, October 25, 2010

Finds fo October 25th 2010

What a great time at the thrift store!!

I am over the moon about the PJ Sparkles doll, especially since she has her original socks and shoes! I got one of these when I was about 9 years old on Christmas Eve and loved her! Now, I need to check if she works and do a little day at the salon.

There in the back (that weird bunny thing) is a 1960's Easter musical spinning bunny.

 I am also super excited about the Peppermint Rose puzzle. 

Found me a Care Bear mug for hot chocolate (I'm not a coffee drinker). And a Kewpie, which are fun.

 And a hoard of Sky dancer bases. I am not sure why I keep buying these. I have so many. My kids do like them.

And an Aurora plush Sky Dancer (like Caterpillars). She's in super excellent shape and is up for trade!

My five-year-old thinks this throne was the find of the day. I bought it for only TWO BUCKS!! That's cheaper than a garage sale. It had a lot of the jewelry and accessories with it too and my dog loved it :)

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  1. WoW!!!!! Congratz on PJ Sparkles=they are all nice finds!!!