Friday, October 1, 2010


Blinkins hold a special place in my heart. When I was seven years old my mother decided to divorce my step father and because she felt so guilty for the impact of a second divorce she and my grandmother went out and bought my sister and I a huge bunch of toys. They put them in plastic bags and had us dump them out. It was like Christmas in July!

In the bag we found Hot Looks dolls, Lady Lovely Locks, Moondreamers and Blinkins! Above is a picture of the event (I am the one standing up).

Even though it was not an easy time in my mother's life I hardly noticed because I had so many super cool toys to play with (it's not a mystery why I am such a collector, lol).

Over the past year or so I have seen Blinkins prices go all over the place. Most sellers want $50-$80 for a MIP set, but the truth is, these aren't that desired by collectors and were not terribly popular at the time. Auctions of the dolls go about $10 a set. I bought the above items for $5 on eBay with $10 shipping. A good deal, I think. I am glad to have my Blinkins friends back! You can see more Blinkins pictures here.

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  1. I had a blinkin! I just remembered after seeing your site. I had that green leaf with flower rocker thing and had forgot what it went to! I am excited to find your blog!!