Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun with the Get Along Gang!

Hey friends!

The year was 1985 and we had just moved into a rented house. My mother surprised me with a funny little caboose play set and a few figures along with a book featuring a fun group of friends: The Get Along Gang!

This summer I was happy to find my friends again and here they are!

My little girl loves to play with these! And yes, I do let my kids play with all my old toys. They are very respectful with them.

I think I need to try and get my hands on the UK exclusive GAG figures. Here's a picture I found:

So many toys, so little money! Lol.


  1. There are some more pictures of the above on my blog at .

    It's so nice to hear that The Get Along Gang have at least one fan amongst todays kids. :)

  2. Paul thanks so much for posting those on your web site~! I have linked your site to mine on the side bar. Toy collector nerds unite! Angel Bear

  3. Hi this is very late after this post - but I've been having a clear out and have actually found my old exclusive pocus possum (im based in the uk) I wondered if you were interested in purchasing it?