Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finds for October 28, 2010

 This picture is not very good quality . . . sorry! I went to an antique store today as well as Savers. I was so excited to find bell charms! The bag cost me $6.

 And yes . . . I am crazy enough to wear these.

 The antique store had a couple of Monchichhis for $1.50 each.

 Not sure why I bought the clown PVCs lol.

And something I have never seen before: a Cabbage Patch Kids playset! I'll have to do some research on if it is complete or not.

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  1. I had that cabbage patch playset! It was like an orphanage. Looks complete to me, possibly there was a little highchair though but I forget. The little beds can stack together to make bunkbeds but the elevator was my favorite part!