Monday, October 25, 2010


Yay!! I just won my grail pony! I received Streaky on my 10th birthday, the last pony I ever received in childhood. For months I have been looking for one with the factory curls and last night I won her! Fortunately, I had some eBay bucks so out of pocket she was only about $6. This is great because others I have seen with factory curls have gone for $15+ yay!! So happy!

Christmas is already on my mind. This year my eight-year-old wants Monster High dolls. They are a little pricey though, so I will have to only get her a couple. When I was a child my mother spoiled me rotten on Christmas (we were poor the rest of the year) so I naturally spoil my kids too.I wish I had the money to spoil myself :)

Oh yeah, and remember my post last week about the Precious Places Magic Key Mansion? I found some pictures of me when I was ten on Christmas day:

Today I am going thrifting. It's cold and snowy here in Utah so I hope not too many people are there to compete for the goodies. Wish me luck!

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