Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finds fo October 15th 2010

First day of driving and I celebrated by THRIFTING!!

My finds:

Monchhichi, LLL, Care Bear, Maple Stirrup, Joseph Original Bank, Troll, VooDoo bunny, cute raccoon (looks like a Strawberry Shortcake item).

Why do I find Lady Lovely Locks so often? This is like the fourth time this year! I might use her as a custom to dress in one of my newly acquired LLL fashions.
Unfortunately Maple has a hair cut! Darn! Loved this horse as a kid.

My voodoo bunnies together. Don't know why, but I think they are funny. 

By the way, I found this dragon in my basement! Look at all the pixietails!

It's a SWARM!!

 My Joseph piggy close-up!

 I also traded for a minty flat-footed Minty!

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