Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Child Doll Restoration

A very nice girl in Canada sent me these rather tragic My Child dolls.

Both were very stained, with gerying faces and hands. The dark-haird one even had some food substance all over her face, neck and chest. I decided I needed to save these poor gals, post haste!

I stripped them down and prepped a cocktail of detergent and fels naptha paste, which I applied with a toothbrush to all the messy spots.

You might recall this post where I show my new method of spot-cleaning my stuffed animals using a Waterpik flossing system. I wish I got a video of how easily all the gunk came off with the water pressure. It was amazing! Dirt just vanished away, like counter crud in some sort of infomercial. If I find another dingy doll I promise to make a video, it was fun and cool and not hard on the dollies at all!

Here they are, wet but clean!

After they dried I applied new makeup using watercolor pencils. Don't they look pretty!

Click on the image to see!

Time to do their hair!

I scrounged up an outfit for the knot-top and washed the original jammies blondie came in.
And voila! New dolls!

I put them up on my little white shelf along with my other two My Child Dolls. I have given them names too!

Here we have: Ebony, Robbie, Allie and Erica.

I must say as a side note, I have had the most horrible couple of weeks at work and just in general. I am so grateful I have toys to help get me through. They are faithful friends who always help get my mind off things.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Glo Friends Sleeping Bag Colors

This weekend I went through my Glo Friends collection to determine what I still need to complete it. For several months I have been gathering MIP pics to determine the sleeping bag colors and I am getting closer to finding out what went with what. If you can help, please let me know.

Glo Bashfulbug - Blue
Glo Bonnie Beetle - Purple
Glo Bookbug - Green
Glo Bopbug - Blue
Glo Bug  - Purple
Glo Clutterbug - Light Orange
Glo Cricket - Yellow
Glo Doodle Bug - Red
Glo Firefly - Orange
Glo Grannybug - Blue
Glo Horsefly - Blue
Glo Skunkbug - Orange
Glo Snail - Orange or Blue
Glo Snugbug - Pink
Glo Spider - Red with blue trim
Glo Tootlebug - Blue
Glo Worm - Green  or Yellow

Glo Nuttybug - ??
Glo Prayerbug - ??
Glo Flutterbug - ??
Glo Butterfly - ??

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glo Friends Wish List

I Need the Following Glo Figures

I Also Need Sleeping Bags of ANY Color!

I Need the Following Plush

I Need the Following Friends

I also need these items:


Fakie centepede

FURNITURE for Glo Land (I have Glo Land itself)

Case in excellent condition

Purple Duck Variant

ANY Glo Friends Board Games, comeplete OR playable with three players

 Please email me at poseableplace@gmail.com if you want to sell or trade!