Monday, January 31, 2011

Third Treat Heart Pig Poseable Found!

Woke up this morning to some super exciting news! Hayley from the UK emailed me about a certain plastic piggy she found in her storage. Recognize him?

Heyley writes:

"I bought a load of poseables from the car boot stall and didn't pick up treat heart then I decided to go back to the stall at the end and thought I'd buy a another bundle of them and saw the pig and thought how strange as I didn't know they did a pig care bear so I bought the second bundle of 10 figures . . ."

 Heyley writes that this and the other poseables sat in storage for a few years until she decided to look him up. She had no idea what she found! There are only two other known Treat Heart Poseables. I own one and the other is in the possession of a nice collector named Jen. Her site, Poseable Paradise can be found here.

Many of you remember that last month the plush version sold for almost $8K! So that begs the question, will Heyley sell?

"As I am trying to de-clutter my house, unfortunatly my care bear collection is having to go so I think I will be selling treatheart at some point."

It may be a little while before Hayley sells but she will definitely let 80's Toy Ark know so I can link to the eBay auction. This will give you Pig-lovers time to save up or take out a small loan!

I love stories where people find ultra rare things at garage sales, thrift stores and in their attics. The fact that all but two of the rare cousin poseables were found in this way suggests that these may have been released in very tiny quantities overseas. They have been found now in the UK (Treat Heart, Proud Heart), Australia (Playful, Loyal and Proud Hearts), Hong Kong (Playful Heart) and finally in Cincinnati Ohio, where Kenner headquarters is located (Both Treat Hearts and a Proud heart came from an ex employee). At first I assumed these were prototypes, which is still possible since none have factory markings. They could be vendor samples, passed out to purchasing departments within major chain stores. We may never know!

It's interesting to mention that Hayley has also found a Playful  Heart Monkey plush in her second-hand adventures. Lucky girl!

Here are a few more pictures of her Treat Heart:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

G3s For Sale

My nine-year-old has recently fallen in love with Monster High dolls. She decided to try and sell some of her ponies to fund the obsession. Here are the ponies available:

$3 ea, pegasus is $4

$3 ea

Email me if interested ( She is very excited to get her mitts on some awesome Monster High action. We also have a Day of the Dance Clawdeen Wolf doll MIP to trade for a regular MH doll.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More on Backgrounds

You might recall this post where I detailed my plans for creating backgrounds for my toys. I have done some research on materials and pricing and I thought I would share my findings here.

I ran over to FedEx Kinkos this week and got a general idea on how much this project would cost me. There are many options for printing the backgrounds on stiff surfaces with a myriad of finishes (matte, glossy, in varying degrees). Basically the following appealed to me:

- Poster board finishing (basically a rigid board with foam in the center so it's hard to bend, but not bend-proof. Would be easier to cut).
- Metal finishing (printed on a metal sheet, completely rigid but there are limits to the colors that can be tampographed on the metal)
- Plastic finishing. (Unlimited range of colors. Has the consistency of Formica samples)

Most of these options cost about $15 per foot, bringing my project to about $160 per background I would want to create. That is hefty when you consider I'd like to create 5-6 of them. In this case I have to consider weather I want to do things the easy, expensive, right way, or the hard, cheap, less-right way. The expensive option would last as long as my toys and be easy to store. It would also be easier to create a computer graphic than it would be to paint the background by hand. But the craft-store option would be way less expensive, at about $40 per background. But then I have to consider how much my time is worth.

Decisions. Decisions.

Meanwhile, I found something awesome. Check this out. For the low, low price of about eight bucks (plus shipping) you can buy these awesomesauce backgrounds for your action figures:

I wont lie. I love these. If they only had girl ones! I might get them anyway for my He-Man stuff. With the internet being so big, there has to be more of this kind of service out there. I am all about letting truly artistic people do this kind of stuff instead of me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fairy Tail Want List

Here is a list of some of the Fairy Tails I am looking for. Last updated 2/14/11


Twilight Tails & Her Pink Perch!

Bouncy Tails and her Comb

Cloud Puff Tails & her light pink perch

Huggy Tails, her accessories (though I don't know what they are)


small aqua perch
white comb
pale mint green ribbon
salmon pink pacifier
blue baby egg, bird

(No Picture)
Tinker Tails' lavendar rattle

Pink egg, white perch

(No Picture)
Tubby Tails' light blue comb, lavender/pink baby bottle


I need everything seen here
Sea Breeze's Perch!

Stand, Comb

Daisy Tails & Accessories (??)

Fancy Tails & Perch

Everything shown

Everything Shown
Flutter Tails & Perch
bird & perch
I need all of them!

ALL MIP Jewelry Bird sets!! I think there are six

Any of the UK fuzzy tummies (except green)!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thriftstore, eBay and Private Sale Goodies!

This week I got a bunch of new items! I spent a lot on eBay, found a few thrift store things and did some private purchases from message boards and the like!

Really loving my He-Man stuff! I had a collection of these when I was about five years old and I intend to collect them again along with other 80's girl toys. 

The above items are finds from a really nice girl who contacted me through email! Although Tea Bunnies are a late 1990's toy line (I was out of high school when I first noticed them) I collect them because they remind me of 80's toys and they are pretty darn cute to boot! I am also happy about Megan and TAF Sundance, Sandcastle and Shovels, and my first baby boy pony!

If you look at the first picture you will see a ton of MLP accessories! That's thanks to a lot I won on eBay for around $50.

This is probably the last bunch of toys I will be getting until I am done sorting everything.

Moon Dreamers Wishlist

I am only missing a few small bits to my Moon Dreamers collection! Mostly I need the necklaces, records and hair clips. Please email me if you have any for sale!

Last updated 2/20/11 
Crystal Starr's Necklace
Any Hair Clips (Any color)

Sparky Dreamer's Necklace
Whimzee's Necklace
Bucky's Necklace
Stumbles Glasses
Bitsy with blue hair

Dream Central Pitcher

Dream Central Tupper with STICKER

Dream Central Bucket
Squawker's Megaphone

RECORDS FOR: Crystal Starr, Whimzee, and Bucky Buckaroo

* Mint in box Dream Central (Really want this!!)

* Shiner Sleep Creep (I need an upgrade, mine is broken)

 Please email me at if you want to sell or trade!