Sunday, January 2, 2011

Treat Heart Pig Plush ends for almost $7K!



I can't believe how high this pig went. I mean, I really can't. I have to admit I did place a bid. The auction was a bit obscure and I thought I might have a chance. My bid was $750, far less than any of the pigs have gone for in the past. When I was outbid I gave up trying but I still can't fathom $7K. Holy moley! I do own the poseable, another rare specimen, but it looks like I will never get my mits on this rare guy. Ten years ago you could find prototypes for fairly cheap (I bought my rare CB cousin protos for only $100 each) but nowadays with the common use of credit cards, everyone could afford a prototype if they really felt like paying it off for five years. That's okay though! There are so many toys out there to love and collect. Plus I must admit that owning some rare things can be stressful. You feel like you must handle them with kid gloves and keep them locked away most of the time. When they are on display they make you nervous too. So, fare-thee-well piggy, you are too expensive for my blood!