Friday, January 21, 2011

My Lady Lovely Locks Wants

In an effort to get my wish list under control I decided to use regular posts and link to them through the static "want list" page. It's getting too huge to fit on one page anymore (too many pictures!) So you will see these periodically as I go through my junk! They will not replace regular posts, just add to them.


I need a few Castle Lovely Locks pieces: Green Bird, Pink Chipmunk, Saucer, Flag, Purple Bunny

All the kittens and accessories, except Sapphire Shy
Fairy Tail Bedroom Playset

Beauty Magic Throne Playset
Headband set (from what I understand, the pixietails vary)

Missing Merry Curl pieces: Everything but pixietail (incl dragon)
Missing Sweet Curl pieces: Everything but dragon itself

Complete Enchanted Island Maiden Fairhair and Curly Crown. I need an upgrade for Enchanted LLL doll (body only)
Sparkle Pretty LLL's comb
Birthday Party Set, Teatime, Garden Party Gown
Ballerina LLL Pink Bird
Slumber set, Riding Outfit

Plush wrap, satiny robe

LilySprinkle's Aqua Turtle, Lily Splash's hat & Pixie, Entire Lilybubble Set
Perky & Pearly Peeks & Accessories

 * I also need misc LLL dolls for customs!

Please email me at if you want to sell or trade!


  1. It's not listed above, but I thought I'd let you know I have a 1987 LLL metal lap tray ("new" and sealed in plastic) for sale. If you're interested, please email me at or find me on Facebook...Brandi Rae Kaup. :-)

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