Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moon Dreamers Wishlist

I am only missing a few small bits to my Moon Dreamers collection! Mostly I need the necklaces, records and hair clips. Please email me if you have any for sale!

Last updated 2/20/11 
Crystal Starr's Necklace
Any Hair Clips (Any color)

Sparky Dreamer's Necklace
Whimzee's Necklace
Bucky's Necklace
Stumbles Glasses
Bitsy with blue hair

Dream Central Pitcher

Dream Central Tupper with STICKER

Dream Central Bucket
Squawker's Megaphone

RECORDS FOR: Crystal Starr, Whimzee, and Bucky Buckaroo

* Mint in box Dream Central (Really want this!!)

* Shiner Sleep Creep (I need an upgrade, mine is broken)

 Please email me at if you want to sell or trade!

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