Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fairy Winkles Collection

I decided to take a picture of my complete Fairy Winkles collection. I am missing a few variants, but these are basically all the sets. I didn't take photos of the sets open. That task will be for another day.


  1. Beautiful photography! Photographing the sets separately really makes each one stand out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fairy winkles were my brother's and my favorite toys for years. Seeing this collection brings back a lot of amazing memories. I hope to soon start my own modest collection of the toys and share them with my brother. Thanks for taking such lovely pictures of them.

  3. I miss my Fairy Winkles =( I used to have the whole set as well when I was little and I don't know what happened to them as I moved around. Thank you for having photos, it brings back great memories <3

  4. This is amazing to look back on! I had nearly all of these when I was little, such a great dose of nostalgia!

  5. I thought my sisters and I had a ton of these, but we only had 6 sets among the 3 of us. I had the rose basket and the jewelry box (which I LOVED the hidden-compartment mechanic of!).
    My big sister had the potted flower and the swan. And my little sister had the coin purse and the clock.
    I think.

    1. Nope. Big sis had the coin purse, little sis had the swan!