Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

So how many of you still have Christmas decorations up? I do! The halls are still decked at my house. But soon Valentines day will be here, so I aim to take them down this week. For now I want to keep my promise to post pictures of my kids Ponyville Christmas! You may remember this post where I bragged that I found all the sets locally for about $70, a great deal!

Here's a picture of me, my two sisters and my brother in law having a ball setting it all up on Christmas eve while our kids slept in the basement. I am the one in the red.

Even my dad got into the action. Everyone had a blast!

Here is what they woke up to Christmas morning! They absolutely loved the Ponyville sets.


Just for fun I am going to post some other fun toy Christmas pictures from my past. Good times!

You can see my My Little Pony jammies in this one!




  1. I have never seen such stunning Christmas Pictures in a long time. Thanks dear for these stunning festive photos. We have already started decorating our home for Xmas and have also been making the DIY stuff for my pre Christmas party that I would soon be hosting at one of the rooftop Los Angeles event venues. I am sure that it will turn out to be an enjoyable night.

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