Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Okay so I lied . . . Finds for December 22, 2010

I thought tonight would be booked with something else, but I turned out to have a free night. So I stopped by a thrift store after work and check out this great haul! I was so excited! The cost was around $25. 

Included in this find are:
A few vintage Strawberry Shortcake playsets
Several vintage Care Bears and a giant newer Funshine
LPS puzzle
Rub a Dub doggie
Poochie Puzzle
A few vintage My Little Ponies (will have to clean them up)
A MLP remote-control scooter
Some Russ trolls
A vintage Pound Puppy Christmas ceramic
Flatsy doll
A trapper keeper
Lots of G3 MLPs
Beach Bunnies
Rainbow Brite doll
Smurfette Doll
Peppermint Rose bunny
Thundercats action figure
Several newer SSC items
and more!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I will probably try and squeeze in a thrifting trip during my lunch break. A lot of this stuff will end up on my trades page, which I won't be updating until sometime in the second week of January so keep an eye out!


  1. Your page makes me smile :) Takes me back to when I was a child, thanks for the extra joy. Have a Merry Christmas! Hope your bday was wonderful!

  2. *drools over your MLP goodness*

    Fab haul! I hope you had a wonderful B-Day and Christmas!

    ~Doodle~John 3:16-17~

  3. Aww thanks! I did have a great day indeed!