Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finds for December 29th, 2010

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Next week I will post pictures of my daughter's Ponyville Christmas setup. It was so fun pulling all that together and Ponyville's are SUPER cute!

There was a bad blizzard in Utah yesterday but I got off work early and since the thrift store is only about two miles away I took a trip there before heading home.

Here's what I found:

Check out the cute Get Along Gang party supplies! Also, I found a bunch of cute 80's mugs, lots of G3's, a couple of G1's (though I forgot to picture one pony that I gave a bath to, she had bonnets all over her. I need to look up her name later). A Caboodles case, a Wuzzle, a PJ Sparkles mermaid, a Shopko Care Bear, a Sweetie Pup, a Charmkins VHS, Care Bear sheets, a Glo Friend, a fairy tail bird, a BIG Strawberry Shortcake picture.

My favorite was this cute little mug! I think I'll use it at work.

About half of this stuff will end up on my trades page. I haven't updated it in a few weeks and I have about 100 G3s to add as well as a whole host of 80's toys.

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