Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fairy Winkles Mysteries

My Fairy Winkles collection is nearing completion. Always, when I near the end of a collection I keep digging a bit more to see what else I can find.

It turns out Fairy Winkles had color variants for many sets. Many people know that there were two colors for the Splashin' Secrets Perfume set (aqua and blue). But I am discovering recently that there were a few more than I first thought.

There seems to be three versions of the Hide 'n Play Jewellery Box:

The more common set (USA)

Purple set with different stickers

This shows the jewelry sticker is replaced by a bedroom theme

And a sandbox theme

Lastly, this all white top set (found in the UK)
And then there's the Special Friends Address Book:

Shows two different covers
And the Secret Playland Treat Box, shown in both green and pink:

I suppose this means I am on the hunt for the variant colors. I wonder if there might be more than I am seeing online. Fairy Winkles were fairly obscure.

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