Friday, December 3, 2010

FInds for December 2nd 2010

It's been probably the most insane week of my life. Between sick kids, job interviews and other minutia I have had zero time for toys.

All work and no toys makes Angel something something . . . .

Anyway, here's my small haul from the thrift store yesterday:

A second Baby Brite, more Ruxpins, a Glo Friend, a couple G1 My Little Ponies, a caboodles case, a Lolly doll, a Yum Yums, a Chubble, Lonely Hearts Horse, a He Man Guy, a Care Bear, etc.

Perhaps my favorite was this bell charms collector's case:

I wonder if all Bell Charms were made by Imperial. Or were there several manufacturers of them like with silly bands and slap bracelets? Not sure, but I do like this cool case. I will post a picture of myself wearing my charm necklace sometime. I also collect vintage dresses from the 40's-80's and I have a great 1970's dress that looks cute with my bell charms.

Speaking of toy hunting, check out this post on the Ghost of the Doll forum. Can you believe she found all that stuff?! Wowzers! I need to move to Texas!

My other awesome find is this cute Yum Yums plush. I am seriously debating collecting these cuties. I was too old for them by the time they came out but my little sister had them and they are super cute:

Kawaii (a Japanese toy company) purchased the licence for Yum Yums and now there are all sorts of new merchandise. Check out this eBay store for a great selection of the new items.

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