Monday, December 6, 2010

Fairy Winkles mysteries close to being solved!

Thanks to Zuse on the Ghost of the doll forums some of the Fairy Winkles mysteries have been solved!

The purple Hide 'n Play Jewellery Box turns out to be a recycled mold for the Littlest Pet Shop Teeny Weeny Families. They also used the purse and the address book, as seen here:

It's funny that I used to have these sets when I was younger and I hadn't picked up on that!

Zuse offered another insight as to why the address book has two different covers. Fairy Winkles were an international toy brand, sold overseas to places in Europe. That imprint is known as Folly Magic. It is possible the book with the fairy pictures rather than the word "Address" might have been marketed to non English speaking children. Here is a photo of a Folly Magic playset:

Thanks, Zuse for your insights! Now I don't feel like I have to go find that purple flower pot!

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