Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Long Gone Collection . . .

One of my favorite toy lines was the Kenner Littlest Pet Shops. I used to have almost every set made. I started collecting when I was 11 and kept on collecting until I was about 19. I spent hours and hours with these things and loved them to pieces!

When I got married we were very poor so I decided to sell the collection on eBay. Here's my six-month old daughter posing with them:

This adorable little cutie is now NINE!!

The lot ended for about $500, which is probably less than it would have sold for today as I was very meticulous about every set having its accessories. I also had a good number of Baby Buddies (An LPS spin-off).

Now it's time to rebuild the collection. This time I am not selling them off again. I made that promise to myself. Time and time again I get an almost complete collection and then I sell it off to buy something else. But then I go through the rebuilding over and over again. No more! Everything stays even if it has to go into the attic for most of the year. Yes . . . I am a toy hoarder.

Here is a link to the best LPS site I know of: The Littlest Pet Shop Guide by Zuse

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  1. Wow..that's a beautiful collection!

    I just came across your fantastic blog while searching for information on Fairy Winkles (the photos you've posted are fantastic, by the way!). I have a vintage LPS web site ( and am definitely going to be linking to you with my next update!