Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finds for September 21st 2010

Wow! What a great day at the thrift store!

Today I found:

A Care Bear Christmas Train
A MIP Furskin Bear (Made by the same people who did Cabbage Patch)
1983 Muppet Babies Kermit Plush
Richard Scarry's Puzzle Town Playset (only missing one piece!)
1972 Eden Beatrix Potter Mrs. Rabbit Plush with Tag
Vintage Battlestar Galactica Board Game
A Large Pound Puppy
A Smurf Plush
A Complete 1980's Classic Board Game "Pretty Pretty Princess"
A bunch of Popples Valentine Cards
Crissy's Cousin "Velvet" Doll


SEVEN VINTAGE KNEE-HUGGER PIXIES!!!! <---Extra exclamation points means I'm excited

I haven't mentioned before but I LOVE 1960's knee-huggers, and many 1960's kitschy toys. I grab them when I see them at thrift stores. Even though I was born in 1980, I still love the vintage look of these dolls. This set is an excellent find in particular because not only are they clown pixies, but they are very large, at least 30 inches each! As I was carrying them off in my cart people were looking at me like, "Why in the world would she buy old clowns?" Ha ha! Little do they know these things go for about $40 a piece on eBay. But I'm not going to sell them. I am going to put them with my other 1960's toys and count myself lucky!

I am also really excited to have found "Pretty Pretty Princess." My two daughters love playing board games. Here's a picture of them playing the Lady Lovely Locks game we found last week:

That is a really fun game! My oldest always seems to win though. She plays Silkymane every time.

A few of the items I found today may eventually end up on eBay or in my trades section but I haven't yet decided which.


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