Friday, September 17, 2010

Finds for September 16th!

Yesterday I went downtown to take care of some legal business and decided to stop in an antique store that I know carries 80's toys. After spending too much money there ($42) I decided to hit the thrift shops! I had a fairly successful day there. Look at my loot:

Rainbow Brite Color Cottage Playset

Found this at the antique store and it cost me $32, which is a lot (I always want to find things cheap!) But it was in the box and had some other RB pieces in there, so I splurged.

Two G3 Ponies
Three G1 Ponies
Three Monchhichi Figures
MLP Show Stable (no accessories but has lots of puffy stickers all over it and all the doors)
Baby Popple
Baby Tugs Plush
Pound Purry in gray!
Lady Lovely Locks Game
2 1960's Plush Toys
My Pretty Mermaid
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dino
Fern Gully Fairy
Lady Lovely Locks Doll

The last four items on the list I intend to keep for trades, so let me know what you've got! After finding so many fun things at the thrift shop for dirt cheap I was reminded once again that antique stores are never a good deal, and I don't want to go broke amassing a collection so it is fun to hold out for that deal, even if it takes a while to get it.

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