Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Little Pony G1 Argentina Baby First Meal Pony Collection Complete! Primera Comida!

 I thought I would post some pictures of my complete set of Argentina babies! These were taken off their cards because the cards were severely water damaged! The ponies inside look awesome though!

Primera Comida ponies each come with a dish, spoon, bear brush, ribbon and bib!

I have had a very good season for finding MLP in the wild! I went to one garage sale and walked away with a whopping 80 MLP! It was so cool! They didn't come cheap but it was fun to find them. Since then I have had a jolly time cleaning them up and listing TONS of MLP in The Pink Room!

 Baby Ribbs
 Baby Noddins
 Baby Graffiti
Baby Snippy

Feel free to use these images as you please, but would appreciate a link back!


  1. Nice photos!

    Love the babies' little front tooth and that they all came with a plate and spoon. :D

    I used to have a European baby - I think it was Quackers!!


    1. I adore Quackers! I didn't know she came in Euro-style!

    2. I just remembered, the ponies I had back then were mostly purchased in Asia!

      Yeah, I love Quackers too, so cute with her duck tattoo and rainbow coloured hair. :D