Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chernobyl Strawberry Shortcake House

I am trying out a new iPhone blogging app. This is because I'm hardly ever at my computer. I'm usually at my storage unit with over 10,000 different toys.

I like to quickly share with you my interesting find today. The Berry Happy Home! This is the first time I have ever found one while thrifting. That's saying a lot for somebody who's been doing this for 20 years.

I was already having a really good thrifting day. I found a My Pretty Pony (one of the first my little ponies).

Then I found several bags of 80's toys including Sea Wees and Petite Ponies. I turned the corner and found three Care Bear stuffed animals from the 80s which I promptly snatched up.

Then, amid all of the wreckage of children's play sets there sat the Berry Happy Home!

Unfortunately, it looked like he been through some sort of terrible disaster. Therefore, I have dubbed it the Chernobyl House.

It's base is broken in several places, the stickers are wrinkled and some of them are missing, the plastic is yellowing. But...BUT it only cost me $3.10!!

Worth it? Maybe.

I could attempt to restore it since I don't currently have a Berry Happy Home and would really like one but what I will probably do is strip it for parts, clean the reusable ones and sell those in my store to save up for one and more mint condition.

Poor gross little thing!

Incidentally I have found something to be true. When you are at a thrift store and you find something from the 1980s it is about 90% more likely that you will find another thing from the 1980's. For that reason, when I find one object I look very closely for the items that got donated along with it, and usually I score!

I hired a nice gal to help me list over 1,000 toys this summer. Its going to take a lot of work but we are already part way done. She kept asking me if toys were really worth anything. I gently explained to her that people enjoy preserving pieces of their childhood. It makes them feel happy. She didn't get it.

Not many people do.

Which is probably why no one else wanted to by the Chernobyl house?

Did you find anything recently?

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  1. Those are some nice finds (especially the pony - that's an unexpected one to randomly come across)!