Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Come Thrifting With Me!

I love to go thrifting. I make no apologies for it, I say it loud and proud. It's probably my favorite thing to do on earth. I like it more than regular shopping. Give me some money and set me loose all day at the swap meet and I am a happy girl.

I know some collectors dislike goodwill stores. They are messy (sometimes), smelly (sometimes), filled with odd folks (all the time) and you have to dig and dig and dig. Some people prefer eBay. Others don't have the time to go. But people like me can't get enough. We try to curb it, try to stop and it works for maybe a week and we are there again!You can't cure it. There's no thirty-day chip. You just have to embrace it and learn that it is part of what makes you happy, even if others look down on it.

I thought I would share my thrifting adventure today through pictures. It's always fun to hear of how people make awesome finds. I rarely make big finds (maybe I'll post about some I have had one day) but almost every time I go I find something.

So let's get started!

First place I go when I get into the store is the very back where they keep the toys.

As you can see, they don't keep them in neat bins or bags. They just throw them on the shelf, so one must dig and dig!

Usually this aisle is filled with kids who tear at the shelves and make a mess all over the floor, but today it was pretty empty in there. Not sure why.

Right away I spot a vintage He-Man guy (I really need to get some more He-Man!) and a Josef Original Flocked deer (don't usually collect them, but my girls like them).

The next aisle over is filled to the brim with plush. The other side has puzzles and games.

I grab some games (I've mentioned me and my kids love playing games), as well as a Bright Heart Raccoon and a bag of 80's Barbie accessories. My daughter wants American Girl-sized furniture for Christmas so I also grabbed the wicker table and chair. I think I will get a AG tea set to go with it at a regular store.

After checking if the games have all their pieces (the pizza one doesn't) I spot several puzzles. Two vintage My Little Pony ones and a Muppet Babies one.

Then the guy who works at the store starts giving me the stink eye so I put away my camera for a bit and look around in housewares. I can sometimes find a vintage thermos or whatever. Today I found a Cabbage Patch Kids TV tray, which I plan to actually use. When I had surgery I hated not having something to put my laptop on as I rested in bed.

I found several other things hiding in the holiday isle. When I see stuff I might want I throw it in the cart and decide later if I want it or not. I did get the Horseman doll, and the locker (which looks like vintage Barbie or GI Joe) but I did not buy the Furreal friends cat (we have enough animals around here!). I spotted a MLP and Shortcake Pony and grabbed those as well as two MLP combs.

All in all, this is what I will keep in my collection. The locker and the Horseman doll I will save for other things (eBay maybe, or something). The entire bunch cost me about $13. Not too bad, I think!

I might do this again sometime. Hope you had fun reading!~


  1. Holy wow, this store has an AWESOME toy collection. I collect plushies mainly, so the pictures of the plush aisle are practically making me salivate! What store is this? The Goodwill's I've been to (in several different states) have never had this kind of selection!
    I'm really just in awe, and calculating the amount of $$ I'd probably spend if I lived somewhere near there!

  2. The store is called "The Deseret Industries" or as we call it "The DI" and there are about ten of them in Utah and they all pretty much have mountains of stuffed animals. It's crazy! Thanks for commenting!~

  3. is it like second hand toys? or they're new? i like your bradley dolls! :3

  4. Lol...we just got a Goodwill in our town, and my mom and I have been in there at least 3 to 4 times a week! :} It's totally addicting! So far, I've found a Fashion Star Filly Joelle, several Disney Barbies, a Disney Store Beauty and the Beast trinket box for my Beauty and the Beast collection, and a Lady Lovely Locks...complete with her dress, shoes, and her original Pixie Tails! :D I know there have been other finds, but I can't remember them at the moment. My mom's most awesome find was a Pre-Mattel American Girl Felicity doll for $2.99! :)

    I'm so glad I found your blog...I've really enjoyed browsing through it. :) I mainly collect 18" dolls and Beauty and the Beast items, but I have a weakness for the dolls and toys from my childhood, so I have some Lady Lovely Locks, Barbies, My Little Ponies, and Kenner Shimmers hanging out with everyone else. ;)

    If you are interested, I have a blog of my own called "Never Grow Up". (I think we may be kindred spirits.) ;) I'd love it if you had a chance to stop by. :) Have a great week!

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